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Birds cause millions of dollars in commercial property damage every year — and the mess they leave behind costs billions more in lost revenue. Make-Em-Move Manufacturing are the experts in affordable and effective commercial bird control products.

Bird Safe Solutions

We are dedicated to solving your bird problems without harming the birds, your customers, your facilities or the environment. All of our bird control solutions are carefully planned, expertly installed and monitored for safety and effectiveness.

Bird Control Hazers

Rodent Control

DeTour Rodent Repellent is a contact repellent that drives mice and rats out of all types of structures and areas without harming them.

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Make Em Move is a manufacturing company which specializes in unique, green products for both bird and rodent control.   When was the last time you searched for an answer to your pest control problems and found something “new” or “different” that actually worked and got you excited? We created Make Em Move because we were tired of settling for the same old products that offered predictable, limited results. 

Most pest control websites selling or distributing products continue to market the same products that they have pushed for years.  For bird control, spikes, netting and noise makers dominate the market.  When it comes to rodent control, we might as well be in the 1950’s.  While the tried and true products of yesterday still have a place in today’s pest control world, we at Make Em Move believe there is room for new and better ways to solve bird and rodent problems.    

Our inventive products are green, effective and forward thinking.  We manufacture most of the products that we sell guaranteeing quality and low costs.  When and if we are approached by someone with a new idea that makes sense we will team up and help bring the product to the public.  We believe the more solutions to offer the public, the better!

Go ahead, take a quick peek at our product line – we are confident that our concepts and products speak for themselves.  From bird hazers to flying hawks to pallet protection, we have it all covered – so your merchandise won’t be covered in pest droppings!   We encourage our customers to check in often as we are always launching an exciting new product.  Keep in mind that we are always looking for reliable, inventive partners to help distribute our new wave products to the public.

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